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Eagle Jewellery is committed to being an environmentally conscious and responsible retailer. Our environmental programme is a major part of our overall commitment to be a socially active and responsible company. We recognise that we have a duty to identify and minimise the impact that we have on the environment.

Over recent years we have introduced a number of environmental initiatives into our business. We will continue to make improvements and to harness the enthusiasm within our business whilst moving to a more structured, systematic and measurable environmental programme.


  • Raw Materials: We comply with the relevant international laws and industry regulations when sourcing our products and insist on written guarantees from suppliers that our products conform with international regulations
  • Endangered species: We occasionally sell products made from specialist skins and exotic woods. We insist that suppliers provide us with written guarantees that these products comply with the international laws and industry regulations
  • Reducing our contribution to climate change: We will quantify the energy, fuel and water used in our business and develop and implement an action plan to achieve year-on-year reductions
  • Minimising waste: We will continue to take steps to reduce packaging in our supply chain and increase the re-use and recycling of materials
  • Communicating clearly with our staff and suppliers: We will engage with our staff and our main suppliers to look for their ideas and support in delivering our programme of environmental improvements
  • We are an active member of the Responsible Jewellery Council
  • These principles and commitments apply to all businesses owned by Eagle Jewellery.


  • Capturing the data that we need to form a company baseline and then setting targets for improvement
  • Raising awareness of our achievements and targets with our staff
  • Assessing which accredited environmental management system (EMS) is most appropriate for our business and aligning our programme accordingly


We at Eagle Jewellery believe that we should go beyond the basics of ethical business practice and embrace our responsibility to society and the environment. The four components of our programme of corporate social responsibility are:

  • People
  • Supply chain
  • Environment
  • Community

The information below shows the actions that we have taken to improve our environmental performance. It charts the progress that we have made and highlights the areas where we will make further progress.



All of our diamonds are acquired from legitimate sources which have no involvement in funding conflicts.(


All of the gold that we buy is from legitimate sources.


All of our providers of silver giftware are established UK companies. We have recently conducted an audit of our silver giftware suppliers to ensure that responsible environmental practices exist through the supply chain. We also buy silver jewellery through a small number of distributors who are included in our process of Quality Assurance checks and visits.

Specialist skins:

We only buy watches through the most reputable manufacturers. Despite this we are asking our watch suppliers to confirm that any animal skins used are from farmed and sustainably managed sources.


We sell a very small number of products that incorporate hard woods or hard wood veneers such as clocks, jewellery boxes and watch cases. We are in regular contact with the relevant suppliers to request information about the hard wood origin to ensure that suppliers source wood from, legal, reputable and managed sources. If we find anywhere this is not the case we will work with any supplier to find alternatives that are sourced sustainably. Our own brand wooden presentation boxes are made from beach wood which is sourced sustainably. We do not use tropical hard woods in the fixtures and fittings of our jewellery showrooms and offices. We will work with our designers to find Forest Stewardship Council (FSC )wood as an alternative to any non-FSC wood that is specified in our new store, workshop and office designs.

Product packaging:

At the warehouse and distribution level, paper, cardboard and space filling are re-used and recycled. 600 re-usable tubs are in circulation in our showroom network for distributing and returning stock, cutting our need for cardboard packaging by 15%. From a retail perspective we have stopped buying polythene branded bags and use recyclable paper bags instead. Our main packaging supplier (Keenpac) operates an ISO14001 accredited Environment Management System.

Printed materials:

Our printed materials available in-store, and the catalogues that we send directly to customers are printed by five printing companies who all source paper through the FSC Chain of Custody Certification or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). All of these companies have robust environmental programmes with three operating to the 1SO14001 standard.


Our head data office building has lighting that is controlled by movement sensors which also take account of natural light levels and dim lights accordingly. We are gathering the data needed to map our energy consumption and energy trends on a site by site basis. Once we have done this we will set targets to reduce energy use and develop a plan to hit these targets.


We comply with the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive which forms part of our company policy and procedures. Although valuable display equipment is often stored and re-used, we always work towards using economically viable ways for us to divert as much of this waste as possible away from landfill.


Our distribution and transport footprint is much smaller than most retailers. Our products are distributed by a third party parcel distribution company. We are in the process of trialling a new distribution company who has strong environmental credentials and operates state-of-the-art systems that reduce transport miles.



We will provide disability awareness training for our customer facing employees and raise awareness of accessibility throughout the company Accessible buildings are important in achieving access, but our employees’ attitude and awareness has a vital role to play.


We strive to obey the spirit of the DDA with respect to the provision of the services online. The pages on our website conform at a minimum to level A compliance, as specified by the web content accessibility and endorsed by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).



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