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Gem Gossip Visits VTse Jewelry in LA

I’m back from Los Angeles, our latest #JewelryRoadTrip, and I’ve got some amazing content for you!

My first stop on the week-long trip was to the studio and workshop of VTse Jewelry, where Victoria Tse runs her jewelry powerhouse, creating some of the finest jewels I’ve ever seen all in one place. The company is a design atelier where luxurious fine jewelry creations are made, from start to finish, which often feature rare and unique gemstones that Victoria has collected over the years. In fact, one of the fancy colored diamond bracelets I’m wearing in the photos above showcases several rare diamonds, each of varying cuts and fancy colors, which Victoria has collected over a long span of time. To duplicate it would take years of collecting and even so, it wouldn’t be exactly the same. This bracelet is one-of-a-kind in more ways than one and just wearing it made me feel extra special.

Victoria first began her jewelry industry career in sales and management at Nordstrom. Her entrepreneurial background led her to create her own designs, which quickly took off on their own path with red carpet events and celebrity styling. Her aesthetic is glamorous, bold and colorful. One thing that stood out to me when trying on all the designs was how comfortable and easy her pieces are to wear. Large earrings were surprisingly lightweight on the ear, necklaces laid elegantly, bracelets draped in all the right directions. These are important factors in wearability that often get overlooked. I mentioned this to Victoria and she agreed that it is something very important to her! There are many women that work at her workshop, so every item is tried on and tested out, which helps dramatically.

Speaking of the workshop, I admire the fact that every piece of jewelry is created here in LA all in one space! Once Victoria has dreamed up the design and collected the necessary gemstones to embody the piece, the workshop is fully staffed with mold makers, CAD designers, 3D printers, polishers, stone setters, quality control and everything in between to make that piece come to life. It is a magical place and the jewelry that is made here is even more magical. When I arrived for my appointment, everyone was busy and enveloped in their work, which was inspiring to see.

I tried on so many pieces and was obviously taken by her rings! From large opals to an extremely rare green diamond (naturally green in color), she had it all. The diamond bracelets were also something that made me feel like I needed to add to my wrist, which I’m now going to preach how every woman needs a diamond tennis bracelet! Victoria’s diamond tennis bracelets are far from ordinary though, and I think that’s why I love them so much. I also loved wearing the all black diamond look–it is edgy and with the right outfit, easily makes a bold statement.

Thanks VTse Jewelry for welcoming me to your LA workshop and to Luxury Brand Group for helping coordinate!


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